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Baby Uromastyx

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Uromastyx  ocellata ornata.   The  Uromastyx is known as the Spiny-tailed Lizard. Its habitat is spread across North Africa, the Middle East & South central Asia &  India. Their size ranges from 25cm (10") to 91cm (36").

The lizards bask at very high temperatures, so there must be a temperature gradient within the enclosure allowing them to cool off away from the heat lamps. Uromastyx are also burrowing lizards, and need substrate deep enough to burrow in, or a low structure under which to hide. Uromastyxs generally sleep in their burrows with their tails closest to the opening, in order to thwart intruders.

These animals are herbivores, & that means they should only be fed plant matter, such as dandelion greens, bok chok & escarole.The lizards' food should be dusted with a calcium to help prevent health problems. However, a special UVB bulb must be used in order for them to absorb the calcium from the gut. ( change UVB bulbs every six months as the crystals within the bulb become less effect after this time).   Some lettuces can be used as a source of water intake, but they have no nutritional value. They do not require a water bowl as they acquire most of the water they need from the vegetation they ingest. Giving a Uromastyx a water bowl can lead to higher humidity in the housing and can cause problems for the reptile.  It is very important to avoid spinach, chard and flowering kale in the diets of all reptiles, since the oxalates in spinach prevent the uptake of calcium into the bloodstream. Insects should not be fed to an Uromastyx. The high levels of protein can cause liver damage.


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