Crested Gecko



RANGE & ORIGIN:  New Caledonia


LIFE SPAN:  10-15 Years


ADULT SIZE:  7-8 Inches


VIVARIUM SIZE:  Baby cresties can be kept in a small plastic faunarium for a few months and a single adult would do well being housed in a 12 x 12 x 18 inches tall tank. If more than one crestie is kept together then a larger tank is required. Only one male can be housed per tank.


VIV TYPE:  Glass or plastic terrariums with mesh lids are ideal for cresties, they should be kept in a tropical humid environment and misted twice daily.


TEMPS:  Cresties live at room temperature, around 70-75f through out the day and a night time drop to 65-70f.


TEMPREMANT:  Cresties are a great first time reptile, they become very tame and are a fun lizard to keep and care for.


FEEDING:  Live insects eg, Crickets, meal worms and locust, Also there is a crested gecko formula food available that is mixed with water and can be offered as a alternative to live food. If feeding live food a good multi vitamin supplement is required.


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