For The Love of Bonsai

bonsai poster

The Japanese and Chinese have been creating bonsai trees for centuries, but what is a bonsai ?

Most people think of bonsai as a type of tree, but bonsai is actually a technique to miniaturise trees. An art form, using bonsai techniques you can miniaturise pretty much any type of tree, although theres always exceptions to every rule  and some tree spieces do not lend themselves well to bonsai.

The word bonsai derives from two chinese words meaning a potted tree: BON means pot and SAI means tree.

For a tree to be regarded as a bonsai it must have certain characteristics, it must be grown in a bonsai pot and it must be miniture in size, and it must have a distinctive artistic shape. A bonsai should be a small replica in a pot of a fully grown tree you would see in nature.

Its appearance controlled by bonsai techniques , regular pruning, pinching and shaping, watering and feeding.

Bonsai is a very relaxing and rewarding art. Please feel free to browse our bonsai trees and equipment section under catagories, or pop in store.