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Our care sheets are designed to keep it simple and get straight to the point.

The basic care for a lot of reptiles is easier than you might think but unfortunately a lot of people get the simple things wrong, our care sheets are about basic care, the requirements that are essential to the health of the reptile, amphibian or invertabrate.

Obviously we all should endeavour to do the best for our pets and the more research you do will help you understand the needs of your animal.



An indepth care guide is given with the purchase of every animal, these are just the very basic requirements but they are the most vital.


  • All diurnal species require UVB lighting (which is a specialist product and cannot be replicated by cheap energy saving bulbs, it is a necessary product)
  • All enclosure heat sources should be controlled by a thermostat 
  • Most reptiles NEED a multivitamin and calcium supplement, and ALL benefit from it.
  • All animals are a commitment and require care, love and effection, even if they don't give it back.

Thank you for reading 

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