RANGE & ORIGIN : Australia


LIFE SPAN :    Up to 12 years


ADULT SIZE :  Bearded dragons can range from 16 to 24 inches & can take between 6 & 12 months to reach that size. Males are generally bigger but this is not exceptional.


VIVARIUM SIZE: A wooden  36" x 18" is adequate for 1 bearded dragon, but bigger is better, if 2 or more is kept together. They prefer a vivarium with  length than to height.


VIVARIUM TYPE :  Again a wooden vivivarium is ideal as it keeps heat in. They should be kept on a substrate, such as kitchen roll , as babies, as sand can cause impactation at an early age if ingested. Move on to sand as the beardie grows & reaches a length of around 12" or more.


TEMPS: Bearded dragons like it hot. 100-110 degrees in a basking spot & 80-85 at the cool end of their house. A night time temp can be as low as 70 with no problem. They also need UVB lights to replicate the sun as without out it, you cause cripping bone malformationsto your bearded dragon.


TEMPREMENT : The bearded dragon is one of the easiest reptiles to look after & with lots of handling, become very tame  quickly, making them an interesting & rewarding pet to have.


FEEDING: a variety of crickets, locusts & mealworms dusted with a calcium & vitamin dust, such as nutrobol & also the livefood should be gut loaded. They also eat vegetables & fruit. A bowl of water should be placed within the housing & although not usually big drinkers, that can be used to bathe in once a week which is recommended. The bearded may slow down in eating in winter time which is not a cause for concern & can be signs of brumation (this is like hibernation)



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