Leopard Gecko - Shop



RANGE & ORIGIN:  India, Pakistan


ADULT SIZE:  8-9 Inches


LIFES SPAN:  20-25 Years


VIVARIUM SIZE:  Babies can live in a large plastic faunarium for 6 to 8 months.

A 24 x 15 x 15" is required for sub adult/adult.


VIVARIUM TYPE:  Dry desert


TEMPERATURE:  A basking spot of around 85-90f should be supplied through out the day, and an ambient temp of around 80f, with a 10 degree drop at night. This is achieved by the use of a thermostat. Supply a moist hide (humidity box) to help when shedding.


TEMPREMANT:  Leos are a very good beginner reptiles and become very tame with regular handling.


FEEDING:  Leos feed on live food such as crickets, meal worms and locusts which should be supplied with a good multi vitamin supplement like nutrobal.