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 RANGE & ORIGIN:  Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Northern and Eastern Iran, North western China and the soviet territory Kazakhstan.


ADULT SIZE:  6-10 Inches


LIFE SPAN:   60-70 Years


VIVARIUM SIZE:  Babies can live in small tortoise tables, 24 x 18 x 12 Inches for a couple of years.

Adults should be housed in a minimum 36 x 24 x 12 tortoise table.


VIVARIUM STYLE:  Horsfields should be kept in dry grassland type surroundings.


TEMPS:  A basking spot of around 85f should be supplied through out the day with an ambient temp of 70-75f.

The vivarium/tortoise table shouldn’t drop below 70f at night, This should be achieved by the use of a thermostat.

U.V lighting should be supplied 12-14 hours per day and a good multi vitamin should be supplied twice a week.


TEMPREMENT:  Horsfields are one of the most entertaining and social of tortoises. A very easy pet to look after & maintain.


FEEDING:  Mixture of weeds, plants, fruit and veg.

PROBLEMS (from human error)  :

Eye infection - can be caused from many things including lack of vitamins. Noticable will be watery, running eyes, sticking together. Treatment: Bathing helps as well as over the counter eye drops. Check that you are giving vitamin supplements. In the event that this treatment isn't working then a trip to the vets would be advisable for anti-biotics.

Respiratory problems - Can be caused by fluctuating temperatures, allowing your tortoise to get too cold & then too warm. Symptoms include bubbling from the nose, gaping (from the mouth) wheezing. Treatment : Keeping the housing at the optimum temperature (85-90 degrees F) if caught early enough can help but if caught too late, then a trip to the vets is needed. This can also be caused by bacterial infection.

Soft Shell & lethargy (generally not very well) -  MBD (Metabolic bone disease).The requirements for a tortoise is UV light in conjunction with calcium & vitamin supplements (mixed in with their food). Without the UV light, the tortoise cannot process the vitamins. This is a must for growing tortoises. If left untreated then you are giving your tortoise a slow painful death. 


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