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Corn Snake Starter Kit

Corn Snake Starter Kit

SKU: 217537123517253

Corn Snake Starter Kit


  • Exo Terra Plastic Faunarium Lrge
  • Microclimate Heat Mat
  • Mini stat
  • Substrate
  • Thermometer
  • Exo Terra Cave
  • Exo Terra Water Bowl
  • Food/Pinkies
  • Care sheet
  • Baby Normal Corn Snake




    RANGE & ORIGIN:  North America

    LIFE SPAN:  14-15 Years

    ADULT SIZE:  3-5 Foot

    VIVARIUM SIZE:  Baby corns should be housed in a plastic faunarium, approx 17 x 12 x 7 inches in size for 12 months, then the snake can be moved in to a bigger vivarium.

    36 x 18 x 18 inches is perfect for an adult.


    VIVARIUM TYPE:  Dry grassland


    TEMPS:  A basking spot of 85f should be provided through out the day with an ambient temp of around 75f and a night time drop of 10 degrees.

    This should be achieved by the use of a thermostat.

    HANDLING:  Corn snakes make great beginner reptiles and love to be handled and tame very fast.

    FEEDING:  Baby snakes should be offered a pinkie mouse once a week. Increase the size of the mouse as the snake grows. 

    For any further care information you can email us at


    As caring and understanding reptile owners, we want you to feel confident in your purchase. We ask that you do your research thoroughly and ask any questions, no matter how simple or in depth, they may be. A reptile is like any other pet, and should be treated so, the same way as you would approach any new arrival to your home. We want your pet to feel welcome and safe in your home for as long as you are there. Remember the life span of say a tortoise is anything form 60-70 years. This is a committement that you need to make. Sadly sometimes things dont go how we imagined they would and that can be quite distressing, especially if you are new to the reptile world. These animals can take a while to adapt to new settings and can get quite anxious. They need a settling in time for this and we ask you to be patient with your new found friend. But at any point you feel anxious yourself, please feel free to contact us, and hopefully we can reassure you. Should the unexpected happen, and you find your animal has passed away (we have to stress this rarely happens but we have to acknowledge it ) then we would gladly replace or refund you. Sadly, if you change your mind after two weeks of purchase that you no longer wish to keep your reptile, then we would consider the situation, but ultimately, it is up to our disgrection as to whether we will offer any kind of refund. We want you to enjoy your new found friend and remember : they can live for many many years .


    We only do collection for the moment, from our Store and if delivery is within distance, we can do that for you too. Enquiries by telephone on 0114 3272262 or email or use the enquiry link on our site

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